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I want to talk about the value of using a travel agent for your next trip! 

We search ALL the sites to make sure we find you the best possible price! 


We read tons of reviews, look up photos and choose places WE ourselves would book, based on your budget. 


We respect YOUR budget- just let us know your budget and we’ll do our best to make it happen and if we can’t we will tell you 😏


Our job doesn’t end until you get back from your trip. We help with any issues during your trip and make sure we’ve got your back! 


We do an actual happy dance when you book with us!  Your business helps support our family!! 


And the BEST part?! 

Our services cost you NOTHING!!!!! 🌟 


So next time you do some online vacation shopping, or need a hotel for a business trip etc, just pause, and remember we would LOVE to help you!  


💜💜💜 Ellie 

Image by Elizeu Dias



About Me

Hi and welcome!  I’m Ellen but my friends call me Ellie!  I’ve been a stay at home mom for forever it seems and now that my kids are slowly leaving the nest I wanted to have my own business and travel the world!  

So I became a home based travel agent!  And let me tell you it’s amazing!  I’m able to book other people’s trips and make commission… which would otherwise go to big companies like Expedia or Apple vacations etc. but when I book the trips the commission comes back to me and helps feed my ever growing teens!  

I’m also able to save a ton on my own travel.  Disney, Universal, resorts, cruises….yep I get a discount because I’m a travel agent!  Did I mention I love it!?  

So that’s me :) 

If you think this is something you would love to do as well let me know! 

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7139 Rice Rd.

Lowville, NY 13367


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